Hard Promises (1991)

Hard Promises (1991)
Hard Promises (1991) Hard Promises (1991) 6/10by 1 users
Title:Hard Promises
Original Title:Hard Promises
Director:Martin Davidson, Harriotte H. Aaron
Writer:Jule Selbo
Country:United States of America
Runtime:95 min.
Genre:Comedy, Romance

 Production Company:Vision International, High Horse Films, Stone Group Pictures


A man who doesn't like stable work environments has been away for too many years, and finds out his wife has divorced him and is planning to remarry. He comes home to confront her, trying to convince her not to get married, aided by the daughter, who loves him despite his wandering ways. The couple finds out they still have feelings for each other but must decide how best to handle the contradiction of their lifestyles.

Name : Martin Davidson

Name : Dick Rudolph

Name : Jule Selbo

Name : Rick Bieber

Name : Paul Kurta

Name : Peter McAlevey

Name : William Petersen

Name : George S. Clinton

Name : Andrzej Bartkowiak

Name : Bonnie Koehler

Name : Mary Colquhoun

Name : Dan Leigh

Name : Leslie E. Rollins

Name : Susan Gammie

Name : Paul Kurta

Name : Cecilia Kate Roque

Name : Cynthia Chvatal

Name : Peggy Coleman

Name : Harriotte H. Aaron

Name : Roberta Morris Purdee

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