The Great Wall (1962)

The Great Wall (1962)
The Great Wall (1962) The Great Wall (1962) 6/10by 1 users
Title:The Great Wall
Original Title:Shin no shikôtei
Director:Shigeo Tanaka
Writer:Fuji Yahiro
Runtime:136 min.
Genre:Drama, History

 Production Company:


In 221 BC, Qin Shihuangdi conquered the rest of China. Qin's great accomplishments and also his serious faults are showed in this film. Qin adopted autocratic dictatorship and led a luxurious life: abolition of feudalism and the centralization of power in the form of a now-hereditary bureaucracy loyal to himself; burning books and burying scholars; the construction of a sumptuous palace for his concubines and also the Great Wall.

Name : Shigeo Tanaka

Name : Fuji Yahiro

Name : Masaichi Nagata

Name : Tatsuji Nakashizu

Name : Akira Ifukube

Name : Michio Takahashi

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