Hugo (2011)

Hugo (2011)
Hugo (2011) Hugo (2011) 7.1/10by 2760 users
Original Title:Hugo
Director:Martin Scorsese, Martha Pinson, Ali Cherkaoui
Writer:John Logan, Brian Selznick
Country:France, United States of America, United Kingdom
Runtime:126 min.
Genre:Adventure, Drama, Family

 Production Company:Paramount, Infinitum Nihil, GK Films


Hugo is an orphan boy living in the walls of a train station in 1930s Paris. He learned to fix clocks and other gadgets from his father and uncle which he puts to use keeping the train station clocks running. The only thing that he has left that connects him to his dead father is an automaton (mechanical man) that doesn't work without a special key which Hugo needs to find to unlock the secret he believes it contains. On his adventures, he meets with a shopkeeper, George Melies, who works in the train station and his adventure-seeking god-daughter. Hugo finds that they have a surprising connection to his father and the automaton, and he discovers it unlocks some memories the old man has buried inside regarding his past.

Name : Martin Scorsese

Name : Martin Scorsese

Name : Johnny Depp

Name : Howard Shore

Name : John Logan

Name : Brian Selznick

Name : Tim Headington

Name : Graham King

Name : David Crockett

Name : Barbara De Fina

Name : Christi Dembrowski

Name : Georgia Kacandes

Name : Emma Tillinger Koskoff

Name : Charles Newirth

Name : John Bernard

Name : Robert Richardson

Name : Thelma Schoonmaker

Name : Ellen Lewis

Name : Dante Ferretti

Name : Sandy Powell

Name : Kam Chan

Name : Martin Foley

Name : Francesca Lo Schiavo

Name : Kate Benton

Name : Rick Yorn

Name : Doug Coleman

Name : Gillian Aldam

Name : Max Leonard

Name : Thomas Nittmann

Name : Ben Gladstone

Name : Morag Ross

Name : Marisa Clayton

Name : John Midgley

Name : Martin Seeley

Name : Marko A. Costanzo

Name : Frank Kern

Name : George A. Lara

Name : Paul Sharp

Name : Lee Walters

Name : Meghan Rafferty

Name : Jennifer Dunnington

Name : Kelley Cribben

Name : Jamie Baker

Name : Chris Fielder

Name : Tom Fleischman

Name : Eugene Gearty

Name : Maegan Hayward

Name : Bret Johnson

Name : Marissa Littlefield

Name : Branka Mrkic

Name : Greg Steele

Name : Philip Stockton

Name : Greg Zimmerman

Name : Matt Garner

Name : Jeremiah Sweeney

Name : Edson Williams

Name : Craig Barron

Name : David Davenport

Name : Allison Pokladowski

Name : Charles Heidet

Name : Jaap Buitendijk

Name : Martha Pinson

Name : Deborah Jarvis

Name : Stuart Rose

Name : Karen M. Murphy

Name : Jan Archibald

Name : Stephanie Hovette

Name : Michael Solinger

Name : Laura Schalker

Name : Joss Williams

Name : David Warren

Name : Ali Cherkaoui

Name : Stephen Castor

Name : Simon Rhodes

Name : Suzanne Stokes-Munton

Name : Michael Kowalski

Name : Lee Eldred

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