The Eighteenth Angel (1997)

The Eighteenth Angel (1997)
The Eighteenth Angel (1997) The Eighteenth Angel (1997) 4.8/10by 14 users
Title:The Eighteenth Angel
Original Title:The Eighteenth Angel
Director:William Bindley
Country:United States of America
Runtime:88 min.
Genre:Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

 Production Company:


"Satan will no longer be beast... but beauty!" That declaration comes early in The Eighteenth Angel, signaling the kind of horror movie we're in for: thick and cheesy. When that line (and others like it) is uttered by mad monk Maximilian Schell, it's even creamier. Schell is ushering in the return of the Antichrist by genetically engineering Satan's minions, but he needs the transplant

Name : William Bindley

Name : Thomas E. Ackerman

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