A Sort of Homecoming (2015)

A Sort of Homecoming (2015)
A Sort of Homecoming (2015) A Sort of Homecoming (2015) 6.4/10by 5 users
Title:A Sort of Homecoming
Original Title:A Sort of Homecoming
Director:Maria Burton
Writer:Lynn Reed
Country:United States of America
Runtime:88 min.

 Production Company:Coming Home Productions, Believe Entertainment


A Sort of Homecoming tells the story of Amy, a New York news producer who thought she left her high school experiences long in the past. She unexpectedly returns to Louisiana at the request of her high school debate coach. Their strained reunion brings back memories of her tumultuous senior year of high school. Through a series of flashbacks, we follow young Amy and her debate partner Nick on the highly competitive national debate circuit as they meet compatriots and competitors from top high schools around the country and the college coaches who control access to valuable scholarships.

Name : Maria Burton

Name : Lynn Reed

Name : Marcus Lyle Brown

Name : Yvette Marie Brown

Name : Sean Rankin

Name : Lynn Reed

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