Under the Gun (1988)

Under the Gun (1988)
Under the Gun (1988) Under the Gun (1988) 5.8/10by 2 users
Title:Under the Gun
Original Title:Under the Gun
Director:James Sbardellati
Writer:Almer John Davis, James Devney, James Sbardellati, James Devney
Country:United States of America
Language:Italiano, English, Français, Deutsch, Português
Runtime:86 min.
Genre:Comedy, Action

 Production Company:Marquis Pictures


A St. Louis cop, Mike Braxton (Sam Jones), receives an urgent call for help from his brother Tony (Nick Cassavetes), a small time thief in Los Angeles. Mike rushes to LA and finds that his brother has been murdered and his brother Tony's girlfriend gunned down right in front of him. Mike quickly learns Tony was a courier for an arms smuggler, Simon Stone (John Russell). When Mike meets Stone's lawyer, Samantha Richardson (Vanessa Williams), the two team up to bring down Stone's arms smuggling empire. However, Mike's infatuation with Samantha keeps putting them in greater danger.

Name : James Sbardellati

Name : Almer John Davis

Name : James Devney

Name : James Sbardellati

Name : George Copanas

Name : Arthur J. Marion

Name : Burton Saltzberg

Name : Steven J. Shotz

Name : John Sterling

Name : Gary Thieltges

Name : George Copanas

Name : Cathy Henderson

Name : James R. Shumaker

Name : Dian Perryman

Name : Chuck McSorley

Name : Peter Bentley

Name : Perry Husman

Name : Mitchell Bergman

Name : Timothy Mozer

Name : Bruce Paul Barbour

Name : Blair Burrows

Name : Stephen R. Hudis

Name : Keii Johnston

Name : Melvin Jones

Name : Matt McColm

Name : Sharon Schaffer

Name : Rick Seaman

Name : Jerry Spicer

Name : Harry Wowchuk

Name : Jim Gillespie

Name : James Devney

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