The General's Daughter (1999)

The General's Daughter (1999)
The General's Daughter (1999) The General's Daughter (1999) 6.1/10by 252 users
Title:The General's Daughter
Original Title:The General's Daughter
Director:Simon West, Patti Dalzell
Writer:Christopher Bertolini, William Goldman, Nelson DeMille
Country:Germany, United States of America
Runtime:116 min.
Genre:Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

 Production Company:Paramount Pictures, MFP Munich Film Partners GmbH & Company I. Produktions KG, Krane Entertainment, Neufeld Rehme Productions


When the body of Army Capt. Elizabeth Campbell is found on a Georgia military base, two investigators, Warrant Officers Paul Brenner and Sara Sunhill, are ordered to solve her murder. What they uncover is anything but clear-cut. Unseemly details emerge about Campbell's life, leading to allegations of a possible military coverup of her death and the involvement of her father, Lt. Gen. Joseph Campbell.

Name : Simon West

Name : Christopher Bertolini

Name : William Goldman

Name : Nelson DeMille

Name : Anson Downes

Name : Linda Favila

Name : Lis Kern

Name : Stratton Leopold

Name : Jonathan D. Krane

Name : Mace Neufeld

Name : Carter Burwell

Name : Peter Menzies Jr.

Name : Glen Scantlebury

Name : Mindy Marin

Name : J. Dennis Washington

Name : Ann Harris

Name : Thomas T. Taylor

Name : Marvin March

Name : Erica Edell Phillips

Name : Stratton Leopold

Name : Donna M. Marcione

Name : Mark Peterson

Name : Patti Dalzell

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