Say It Isn't So (2001)

Say It Isn't So (2001)
Say It Isn't So (2001) Say It Isn't So (2001) 4.6/10by 63 users
Title:Say It Isn't So
Original Title:Say It Isn't So
Director:J.B. Rogers
Writer:Gerry Swallow, Peter Gaulke
Country:United States of America
Runtime:95 min.
Genre:Comedy, Romance

 Production Company:Say It Isn't So Productions, Conundrum Entertainment, 20th Century Fox


Boy meets girl; boy falls in love (and had wild, non-stop sex) with girl; boy loses girl... when they discover they are brother and sister! But when he learns that he's the victim of the ultimate case of mistaken identity, the lovesick young man -- whom everyone still thinks is after some taboo thrills -- must race across the country to stop her from marrying another man.

Name : J.B. Rogers

Name : Gerry Swallow

Name : Peter Gaulke

Name : James Bamford

Name : Nancy Foy

Name : Mason Daring

Name : Mark Irwin

Name : Larry Madaras

Name : Sydney J. Bartholomew Jr.

Name : John Philpotts

Name : Lisa Jensen

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