Instinct (1999)

Instinct (1999)
Instinct (1999) Instinct (1999) 6.3/10by 197 users
Original Title:Instinct
Director:Jon Turteltaub, William M. Elvin, Scott Graves, Thomas Johnston
Writer:Gerald Di Pego
Country:United States of America
Runtime:126 min.
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Thriller

 Production Company:Spyglass Entertainment, Touchstone Pictures


Dr. Ethan Powell, an anthropologist, is in Africa studying apes when he is lost for two years. When he is found, he kills 3 men and puts 2 in the hospital. Cuba Gooding's character is a psychiatrist who wants to take up the task of trying to get Dr. Powell to speak again and maybe even stand judgment at a trial for his release from prison of mental cases. Along the way, Cuba has to deal with also helping the mental patients that are being abused and neglected. In this process Cuba learns a few things about himself and life, and so does Anthony Hopkins character, Dr. Powell.

Name : Jon Turteltaub

Name : Gerald Di Pego

Name : Danny Elfman

Name : Philippe Rousselot

Name : Richard Francis-Bruce

Name : Michael Taylor

Name : Barbara Boyle

Name : Gail Katz

Name : Wolfgang Petersen

Name : Renee Rousselot

Name : Garreth Stover

Name : Chris Cornwell

Name : Larry Dias

Name : Jill M. Ohanneson

Name : John Blake

Name : Daniel Curet

Name : John M. Elliott Jr.

Name : William M. Elvin

Name : Marcie Friedman

Name : Mark Garner

Name : Cosmas A. Demetriou

Name : Dan Pemberton

Name : Christopher Scheetz

Name : Scott Sanders

Name : Wylie Stateman

Name : Lauren Stephens

Name : Jon Title

Name : Keith Marbory

Name : James L. Roberts

Name : Jim Vickers

Name : Anastas N. Michos

Name : Robin Melhuish

Name : Ted Morris

Name : John Casey

Name : Alix Friedberg

Name : Bob Badami

Name : Lisa Jaime

Name : Scott Graves

Name : Thomas Johnston

Name : Kris Olson

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