Dave (1993)

Dave (1993)
Dave (1993) Dave (1993) 6.4/10by 210 users
Original Title:Dave
Director:Ivan Reitman, Karen Hale Wookey
Writer:Gary Ross
Country:United States of America
Language:Español, English
Runtime:110 min.

 Production Company:Donner/Shuler-Donner Productions, Warner Bros., Northern Lights Entertainment


Bill Mitchell is the philandering and distant President of the United States. Dave Kovic is a sweet-natured and caring Temp Agency operator, who by a staggering coincidence looks exactly like the President. As such, when Mitchell wants to escape an official luncheon, the Secret Service hires Dave to stand in for him. Unfortunately, Mitchell suffers a severe stroke whilst having sex with one of his aides, and Dave finds himself stuck in the role indefinitely. The corrupt and manipulative Chief of Staff, Bob Alexander, plans to use Dave to elevate himself to the White House - but unfortunately, he doesn't count on Dave enjoying himself in office, using his luck to make the country a better place, and falling in love with the beautiful First Lady...

Name : Ivan Reitman

Name : Gary Ross

Name : Michael C. Gross

Name : Joe Medjuck

Name : Ivan Reitman

Name : Lauren Shuler Donner

Name : Adam Greenberg

Name : Sheldon Kahn

Name : J. Michael Riva

Name : Richard Hornung

Name : David F. Klassen

Name : Michael Chinich

Name : Bonnie Timmermann

Name : Steve Arnold

Name : Joseph G. Pacelli Jr.

Name : Darrell L. Wight

Name : Michael Taylor

Name : Terry Scott

Name : Alan Berger

Name : James W. Tyson

Name : Karen Hale Wookey

Name : Marlene D. Williams

Name : Christopher Shihar

Name : Linda DeVetta

Name : Robert Norin

Name : James Newton Howard

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